Affiliate marketing for dummies to intermediate: AffilioBlueprint Review

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affiloblueprint review

The product name: AffiloBlueprint
Owner : Mark Ling
Cost : $197 Lifetime Access – Bonus 1 month trial of Affilorama Premium


AffiloBlueprint is a complete step-by-step guide to creating an affiliate marketing website. It was created by Mark Ling, a well established millionaire affiliate marketer. Before I jump in and tell you what is included, and what its all about, I want to give you a bit more about Mark and his story. I think you’ll be very surprised.



Today, It’s hard to imagine that Mark was once a broke college student. He wasn’t always a top-level affiliate marketer like many picture him today. During that difficult time, It took him quite a while before he found a better way to earn money. A way that he knew really suited him. He had found that affiliate marketing was his passion and he started to earn money with it. Lots of money! He was making $3,000 a week in less than a year. He did this by ranking highly in Google search engines, and targeting profitable niches. Everything had turned around for him and he felt he was on top of the world.

But then disaster struck as he got Google slapped, and his income plummeted drastically as everything he had built up took an enormous hit. He quickly ended up massively in debt and things looked bleak.

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At that stage he almost gave up on his dream. He got a regular day job. But soon after taking the job, he realized deep down that he didn’t want to work a 9-5, punch in – punch out lifestyle. It wasn’t what he really wanted at all. He decided that he would give affiliate-marketing one more determined go. He revamped all of his strategies, pooled everything together and worked really hard until he was satisfied with the results and then he was able to put everything in motion.

It worked, and it worked very well.

It was around that time, he saw his Dad working in a stressful job he really hated. Mark knew he desperately wanted to help him so he could change what he was doing and have a better lifestyle. He created AffiloBlueprint, a system specifically designed so that someone just like his technically challenged dad could use it, learn from it and put it into action.

And the result of that?

His dad is now a 6-figure earner, happily retired on an income that works for him on autopilot!

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AffiloBlueprint – Affiliate marketing training that takes away any confusion With A Fool-Proof Guide To Success

AffiloBlueprint is basically a fool-proof guide to success. It’s exactly what it says it is – a blueprint. It guides you step-by-step in what you need to do to create an affiliate website completely from scratch.

The system contains 12 in depth training modules that include over-the-shoulder videos, PDF notes and homework to complete. You will have a fully functional finished website by the time you reach the end of the course. Not only that, it will be monetized and receiving traffic too!

This is a great fit for those who are struggling to learn affiliate marketing basics. Even those more experienced affiliate marketers who still feel they don’t have a good grasp of all that is involved, and need an affiliate training blueprint to guide them will benefit here. I have been through it, and I can personally say Mark Ling has a winning formula here. It’s a fully complete system jam packed with all the hot and juicy affiliate marketing tips you could possibly need, nothing has been left out – it is all there.

This is, I feel, one of this programs strongest points. Sometimes it’s very difficult as an affiliate marketer to know what to do next or how to get something done. There are just so many things to consider all at once. Affiliate marketing can be like a very large jigsaw puzzle – in that if you dont have enough pieces of the puzzle, you just aren’t going to get a very clear picture of things.

affiliatetrainingLet me in already, I want to begin my training!

AffiloBlueprint Product Overview

The Key Benefits of it

  • Takes away any confusion surrounding affiliate marketing: What new affiliates want and need to know are the same steps that millionaire affiliates take to build their websites so they can replicate them. AffiloBlueprint is a complete step-by-step affiliate marketing training program that has left nothing out – it even includes Affilorama’s custom-built wordpress theme, called AffiloTheme.
  • Customers receive real-time support: Customers can send in their new websites for support staff to look over and they offer assistance on how to make them even better. They are free to ask many questions and can get answers quickly to understand the whole process better. This service ensures the customers aren’t just going about their business and building a website blindly which could lead to many problems.
  • Learn how to rank your site and get to the top of Google’s search engine
  • Will help customers stop bleeding money on expensive tools they don’t need: A common problem for new affiliate marketers is that when they first start out, they can end up buying lots of tools that are expensive and are not really needed. AffiloBlueprint guides them on where to find suitable free tools that will get the job done just the same and how to use them successfully for the best results.
  • Find out how to uncover the RIGHT paid traffic sources and to maximise the benefit of them.
  • Get all the hottest affiliate marketing tips and lessons on important site building topics. Things such as Keyword density, Inbound links, Outbound links, Writing clean HTML, navigation structure – best practices, writing high quality content and why it is so important, using LSI (latent semantic indexing) and why it matters and learning all about what the search engines want. Plus many more.
  • Learn all about where the profitable niches are – they are out there but you just can’t seem to find them – help is at hand with this.



Overall thoughts on choosing this way to learn affiliate marketing basics

AffiloBlueprint will actually pay for itself and save you money. It will do this by teaching you all the steps in making a money pulling website. But my guess is if you are a fairly new affiliate, you will have either bought lots of products and maybe services like webhosting and SEO tools, or you are contemplating doing so.

That’s great as you really do need a lot of those things when you are starting out. They are pretty much essential to have to do this kind of work. The problem is that the expenses for them quickly add up and you could see yourself forking out a small fortune in next to no time.

One excellent aspect of AffiloBlueprint is that it can teach you to use FREE tools to do everything!

This was one great eye opener for me as I have spent more than my fair share on tools in the past and didn’t really want to go spending again.onlinetrainingcourse You will be able to use the free tools and services they show you to rank websites successfully in Google. You will also get web hosting with them for a year, for up to five websites! Those are some huge savings right there!

On the downside, there are a couple of things I did not like and you should be aware of.

The first thing is to do with the backlinking strategies early on in the course. Around 25 percent of the course is dedicated to training in this area, as it is of high importance when it comes to getting solid rankings in Google. There is no problem with how much emphasis there is on this though, the problem is with HOW that linkbuilding is done.

Google has had a number of updates in recent times (panda, penguin) where more and more websites are being penalised in the rankings for using these outdated backlinking strategies. You could find your site rankings plummet or even totally removed from the search results entirely – obviously that wouldnt be good. Hopefully Affilorama will address this issue and update the information soon. For now, you can still get a good overview and understanding of linkbuilding which will be useful, but I would recommend doing your own research on the topic to get the latest information.

The second thing I didn’t like is that with the Premium package, they promote PLR (which stands for Private Label Rights) content. Every month you receive thirty articles. This is duplicated content which will cause you to be penalised in the rankings also, if you use it as it is. This way of doing things is an outdated practice that should be avoided completely. Google likes original and feature rich content on websites and we are having to pay more and more attention to this fact and how relevant it is directly to our rankings. This needs to be addressed too.



Who Is this online marketing training suitable for?

  • Suitable for beginner affiliates looking for a fool-proof guide to follow that teaches them step-by-step.
  • Suitable for Intermediate affiliates – those who have a little more experience and would like an easy to follow, rinse and repeat kind of a system that has proven results, and can be outsourced without fuss to staff.
  • This system can also be useful to advanced affiliate marketers that would like more training especially in areas like PPC marketing to be able to grow their email lists substantially.

What is included in the system

  • A complete step-by-step 12-part video series showing in detail how to create a fully functional affiliate website, drive traffic to it and monetize it.
  • More than 90 video lessons you can refer to as many times as you need to refresh your knowledge.
  • Specifically structured homework tasks designed to keep you focused and on track.
  • Downloadable lessons and course notes
  • Affilorama’s powerful Affilotheme – A WordPress theme, which helps create highly optimized, high-converting websites easily.
  • You get Free hosting for up to 5 Affilotheme websites.
  • Customers can have their questions answered and receive advice about their websites with access to support staff and to the forums.
  • There is a FREE bonus – 1 month’s access to Affilo Tools and The Premium Section.


AffiloBlueprint gives you basically everything you could possibly need to succeed as a budding young (as in experience) internet marketer. But it certainly won’t just hand you a fully working, monetised website for nothing. You will have to put the effort in and actually do the work, otherwise there is no way you will make money. It comes complete with homework modules which you will want to complete to move forward. It is a very straight forward system that is easy to follow, but it all really boils down to you and how motivated you are to be able to take action with what you have been shown.

If you follow the instructions, you are guaranteed to be able to make a website just as Mark Ling does. That is a great goal to be aiming for!

You have a 60 day money back guarantee, and as far as I can see, you can’t lose with all this affiliate training course has to offer. The system is comprehensive and in my opinion great value for all that you get with it.

Overall, I found this a great way to start learning everything you need to know about affiliate marketing.

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I hope you found something useful in this AffiloBlueprint by Affilorama Review. If you liked it, have a look at other top clickbank products to promote that I have reviewed. Cheers