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The Product Name: Auto Affiliate Progam
The Owners Name: Mr Stephen Hall
Price: $47


Auto Affiliate Program Review – what is it exactly?

(let’s call it AAP for short)

AAP is an affiliate program created by Stephen Hall. It claims to be able to deliver a way for many people to succeed simply in making money online. It is quite bold in its claims, saying that setting up its system for Unlimited Passive Income takes just seven minutes! So, earning on autopilot with just seven minutes to set it up.. It must be a scam right?

Actually it is far from a scam as the creator has managed to build this system around a very unique and well thought out concept and this is what makes it one of my and many other marketers top clickbank products to promote.

He has built a system that can help others by giving them free, highly informative and interesting eBooks to learn from. During reading, some people choose to take up the offers spread througout the eBooks. This is the ‘help others and help yourself” part that he refers to in the program’s introduction video.

This Member Tour Video is from the original offer page which you can see here.

The philosophy of ‘help others and help yourself’ is a good way of doing things and can definitely be put into practice to build an online income from home. How well you put this into practice by doing some leg work with AAP and promoting it will determine the kind of results you get. It is a good idea that appeals to many people and I think it isnt a particularly hard program to promote and get sales.

Now I know that the promoting part is the part that is easier said than done, as not everyone is cut out for promoting things. Many find it a little difficult after a short time and give up. If you have some previous experience at marketing and know you way around online, then this could become one of your best clickbank products to promote. It’s simplicity in setting it all up and a little experience in knowing how and where to promote it will go a long way in helping to quickly have you making some extra online income. For newer less experienced marketers, you will have to have patience, be prepared to roll your sleeves up and put in some effort to get it in front of as many eyeballs as possible over a period of time. The good news is that AAP does have some great ways built into it to help you get traffic. More on that later.

Program design, layout and features.

When you join, you will be given your very own version of the Free Book Of The Day website. I have to say I am not really a big fan of the design of this site, but on the upside, it is very easy to navigate and find what you want quickly as the layout is pretty straight forward.

Free Book Of The Day website for Auto Affiliate Program Review 100% free e-Books.This website is where you will find many eBooks on many popular topics of interest. This is the site you will drive traffic to and get people to download from there. The eBooks are 100% obligation free for you (and everyone) to download and use however you like. You can download and read them yourself, give them to family or friends, give them as a bonus to clients when you have completed business so as to keep them as a returning customer, or use them to spice up one of your offers and attract sales or signups.

They are designed to be not too long to read and are highly informative and engaging for the reader so as to pique their interest in the topic of their choosing and to attract them to the offers that appear in a few carefully selected places inside.

There are many popular topics available such as Self Improvment, Diets and Weight Loss, Business and Finance, Dating and Relationships, Alternative beliefs, Internet Marketing and Sports. ‘Todays Free Book’ is the first category choice and is shown by default. You will see the cover of the daily featured book and you can click on the image of the book cover to download it if it looks appealing to you.

When you browse through the categories and find a book that looks interesting, you click on the book cover and it will open to a splash page like the ones below.

how to write a killer headline splash page with free ebook downloadeasy ways to a healthy diet splash page with free ebook download


Fortunately, the design of the splash pages is a lot nicer 🙂

One of the things you may notice is that in some categories there doesnt seem to be a lot of titles available as there are in others. Well the reason is that currently AAP is going through somewhat of an update. Many of the eBooks have been updated to a new format, but many more still have to go through this process. When you go into the AAP main program, (your back office) you can go to the linkbuilder section from the top menu. This is where you will find all the custom links for specific books. You will also see a link to access the original link builder tool with all of the older tiltes. You can still fully access all of the many original ebooks and use them as you wish.

AAP back office page

There is also an explanation here about the updating of the system in more detail. It mostly tells you about how they are updating things in both the system and in the eBooks to make them more visually pleasing, how they have updated the form submission part to increase downloads and also that they have added new banner graphics for promotion.

Looking at the banners, I think they are okay but could be better. Still, if you are really seriously into marketing a product, there is nothing stopping you from creating your own banners. There certainly is no shortage of programs around that allow you to do this and even guide you through the process. I have personally made my own banners for promoting different programs with pretty good results and the thing I like is that this is a ‘set and forget’ kind of advertising. It means you dont have to spend great chunks of time in return for continual around the clock advertising. Speaking of promotion..

Is it one of the top clickbank products to promote?

If you go to the Tutorials section from the top menu, you will find a lot of information on how to promote the program and how to giveaway the free eBooks. If you are into social media, you will find video tutorials here on setting up an Auto Mode feature.

AAP autopost mode setupAAP getting facebook traffic


This basically allows you to automatically post a book to your preferred social media account each day, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Blogger etc and it doesnt take long to set up.

There are many ways to promote a product like this as it has many topics you can focus on. You can go to the link builder and get a link each day from a different book, write a brief description and send out an email on a mailer or safelist. There are so many places to put free ads on the net – type in ‘free ad places’ on google and see the results. If you have a website, you can choose to place a banner on your site or an appropriate image from one of the books you think is relevant and add the squeeze page link to it.

Splash page of free eBooks for Auto Affiliate Program Review


You can quite easily place some book images into a simple but effective splash page, like one of mine shown here. This can then be shown many times a day on traffic exchanges and I have had pretty good results with it.

When I promote something new, I make it a point of placing online at least 5 to 10 links or Ads a day, every day, for the first week. After that, about 2 to 3 links a day for the next month or so. This ensures there are plenty of varied places where your ads will be seen. These ways to promote do work if you strictly stick to this kind of plan and put in the regular effort.


• I found it very easy to follow and setup
• No experience is really needed – although you will have to have patience, determination and be disciplined in regular promotion to start to see the results coming in.
• Has multiple ways to earn reocurring income
• It is a complete and fully automated affiliate marketing program.
• Pretty much everything is done for you, including your own website to promote.
• The basic idea of the program is a sound one and it works.
• You get free ebooks regularly to use how you want.
• It will take a little time and patience , but the pay off is you will have an unlimited passive income through clickbank that can continue to grow monthly.
• Many different ways to promote a system like this and it has great appeal to many people who like to be able to give freely to others.


• No proper teaching of how online businesses work.
• It Can seem to some people like trying to spam by giving free ebooks on some of the social media methods.
• Auto Affiliate Program comes with a monthly fee of $47 which will be a problem for some. Still, it is quite a deal, as with just a few sales you will be in profit with reocurring monthly commissions.
• Can’t build a list with it.
• Can be a little slow to get momentum going and see a return, depending on how well someone promotes it.


Well as we know, AAP is certainly not a scam and is actually a fairly easy to setup way of making money as most everything is already done for you. While this may be good for those who are just starting out on their online endeavours, for others it may not be quite what they are looking for as they will want more control in how to run things. It doesnt really teach them about how to achieve the necessary marketing skills you need in order to build your own business, or how to build a list or even your own website. It is however, a simple system with a great philosophy that will appeal to those who are happy to benefit while helping others.

A few of my friends have repeatedly asked me about one of my top clickbank products to promote easily, and this is what I have recommended to them. They are fairly new to working online but are pretty determined to put in the effort to get a pay off for it, and that is what I think is most important with this.

I have done very well with this and will continue to build a steadily increasing monthly income from it. I found it a little slow at the start to see some results,but stuck to a plan of regularly advertising it every day and all I can say is that Stephen Hall is on to something with the unique concept this program is based upon. It does appeal to people and that is a big advantage. It is not my main source of income, and I suspect it wont ever be. But I put in the effort to advertise it early on and now that is paying off for me as some regular income I can rely on.

Now its up to you to decide if its a good fit for you and if it can give you the same benefits that it has provided me.


Update: Stephen Hall has recently released another program which is a perfect partner for promoting this one. It really is the lazy way to make money with twitter and you can check it out under recent articles, go to ‘How to make money from Twitter with Autotweets’.