CB Passive Income 4.0 Review 2018 – Is It a Scam Or Worthwhile?

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CB Passive Income 4.0 review 2018 – Is It a Scam or worthwhile?

CB Passive Income 4.0
Lead Generating and Marketing Training System
Price point: $47 per month or alternatively a $97 one-time payment.
Product Creator – Patric Chan
What is Passive Income 4.0?

You will find a lot of details in this review on the CB Passive Income system and how it has generated some income for me so far. The price of this is very reasonable especially considering all of what you get from the cb passive income 4.0 system. Of course, don’t forget that you will be getting some fairly sizeable commissions from Clickbank as this is sold through their network (CB as in the products title – Clickbank, did you get it? Some miss that little detail 🙂  )

I can tell you that the CB passive income 4.0 system is not a scam.

Like many people, maybe you have been wondering if CB Passive Income 4.0 is a scam or not? If you have been considering buying this, then take a few minutes of your time and make your  decision after you are done reading this review.


patric chan founder of CB passive incomePatric Chan is a well known and very experienced marketer. Not the kind of person who is assocated with anything in the least bit dodgy or ingeneuine.  He is comparatively quite open and you can find out fairly easily about his background.  This all bodes well for building trust if you havent had any dealings with him or his products before.

His main product CB Passive Income has been rebuilt many times since the original version to become what it is today. This latest version, CB Passive Income 4.0, has been built to include mobile support and focuses a lot more towards social media than previously.

Basically the CB Passive Income 4.0 is an email marketing course with a bit of a twist added in for good measure. In normal circumstances, you will find an email marketing campaign will start off with a lead-capturing system. This is usually something like an opt-in page with a free giveaway to entice the person to give their email in return for the freebie.

Of course once the new lead is added to the email campaign, they then start to receive promotional emails. Now bearing in mind that most people don’t like being sold to point blank especially if they dont you or trust you. You usually have to build up that trust by doing things like help them learn how to do something, solve a problems they may have or give them something useful that they can use and benefit from.

Patric Chan’s system attempts to make things a lot easier to sell to people. He is very experienced when it comes to marketing and he knows how to build trust and has simplified the whole process. You wont need to worry about annoying anyone with any emails. Basically your primary job is going to be to send traffic to different squeeze pages with various free giveaways.

When someone you have sent to the list decides to buy a product from the promotional emails they have received, you will then receive a commission. That is how the CB Passive Income 4.0 system works in a nutshell.

So while Patric Chan cuts out some of the work for you, he still leaves you with one of the hardest tasks of all. And that can be the part where many people really get stuck. We’ll talk some more about that potential issue a little later on.



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Does the CB Passive Income System make email marketing easier?

Generally speaking, there’s a bit of a stigma attached to being an email marketer. Most of us these days receive far too much spam emails. Most people don’t want to do anything to add to their ever increasing spam pile.

Patric Chan is all for the people who are afraid to attach their own names to email blasts. He is the one out front in all of this. That does sound like an excellent idea, right? Actually though, its a bit of a problem especially for new marketers.

Most people are happy buying from people they trust. If there is no trust… its going to be much harder to make a sale. While Patric is very well known in IM circles, he may not be that well known to the people marketed to, maybe not always to the point of having that trust yet anyway.

In short, the focus should be on building trust first and then on building towards makinga sale later. It can seem like the CB Passive Income system could focus a little more on this area to acheive higher results.

The CBPI system takes over one part of the campaign, but the hardest part of getting the traffic in the first place to make this all work is still there. There are a lot of courses out there, like this one, that quickly brush over the subject of traffic, and move on to focus on all of the sales you can make.

I am certain if the traffic was that easy to acquire, pretty much just about anyone could and would be making plenty of cash. There is some marketing training included but it does seem quite basic and to be honest many people are already doing the same tricks you will find there.

There is the option to buy traffic to make some sales. But that can get expensive quite fast and you need to know what you are doing to avoid the many pitfalls. There is always the nagging question of going this route. Would you be able to make back what you spent on traffic? If you have some experience in this area it would help a lot, but if not, I would avoid it altogether for now.

Most people probably don’t have a lot of cash to splash about on traffic campaigns so they opt for the free marketing methods instead. Social media, word of mouth, and the like etc. You may also realise that the problem with that method is there are already thousands of people promoting the exact same and similar other offers on social media. As a result, nobody ends up clicking on those links.

Getting traffic for your offers these days has become by far the hardest part of running an email campaign. Getting the campaign set up with emails is comparatively quite easy.


The training material for the CB Passive Income 4.0 system

There is a bit to like about this year’s update. They have added a lot of training material dedicated to Facebook’s new list-building features. You can learn about making ads and other kinds of opt-in forms that are integrated into Facebook. The fact that CB Passive Income is teaching people how to use these gets them a big plus in my book and is up there with the best of what this system has to offer.

Of course the problem here is the sign-up leads to someone else’s list, not yours. And building your own list is probably one of the most important things you should be doing as an internet marketer. A good tip to remember here though is you can use Facebook’s list “Sign-up” feature to build your own list. Its a lot more powerful.

The training material comes across as fairly basic and consists of videos and PDF downloads with three bonuses included.

A lot of what he recommends for example is the same old marketing techniques that most everyone else is pushing. Techniques such as guest posts, blog comments, posting on social media platforms, YouTube etc.Now don’t be mistaken here. These techniques are working and getting results of varying degrees, but all of this really isn’t groundbreaking new information. If you are an internet marketer already with some experience under your belt, this info is probably going to leave you a lot less than overawed that for sure.

CB Passive Income’s basic idea is for you to have one task to focus on and that is sending the traffic to the opt-in pages. You are given your unique link that leads to one of many different opt-in pages. Your job is to promote that link wherever you possibly can to drive traffic to the opt-in pages.

That sounds fairly interesting as a straightforward means of earning online but can see one flaw. Why should I build someone else’s list when I should be always working on building my own? This really is important and shouldn’t be understated. It can take a while to build a good list and to build the trust with it, but you can make a lot more money in the long run if you build your own list.

My conclusion on CB passive income 4.0

You can make money with this as I and many others are doing, but here is what I would suggest to keep in mind.

If you’re fairly new to internet marketing, then the appeal of this being a fairly straightforward system to setup and get going could be attractive. You will pretty much be concentrating on getting traffic to your links and you may find that you are going to have to learn more about how to drive traffic from other sources outside of this system to help your results. You will probably find the training you get inside, specifically around how to market in Facebook beneficial and very valuable for the future. If you follow along on future updates and communications from Patric Chan, you will learn from him as he is generous with his knowledge.

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If you are a little more experienced, you may not be overly impressed by what training there is on offer here. However, you may already have a better grasp on how to go about marketing this and driving traffic to your links to start earning.

I would definitely recommend using the training and marketing info to build your own list as this is where the real rewards will be from later on.

I appreciate that the product is updated on a fairly regular basis,  but it does seem to lack some material in important areas.

If you want to learn more on how to find top clickbank products to promote and earning the larger commissions from the Clickbank marketplace, be sure to check out that post to get you going in the right direction.