How to find top clickbank products to promote

Learning how to find top clickbank products to promote can be a great way to make some extra money online. Most likely you know there are billions of dollars worth of sales from online products every year. The rate it is going, it’s certainly not showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon. Have you been racking your brains for a good way to make some extra money online? Maybe this is for you.

find top clickbank products to promote and make moneyMaking money through affiliate marketing would have to be one of the most rewarding careers that many people could imagine ever choosing. Have you thought about trying it?

So many people  constantly search for products of value to them such as software tools, eBooks, self help guides, DVD’s and utilities. These sort of online products can be an excellent idea for setting up a passive income. You can make sales with them at anytime or place. A large appeal of this way of earning is that once setup, this way of earning online can run by itself 24/7 without a lot of further effort needed.

One great thing about affiliate marketing is anyone can get started in it without much of a problem. If you are the type of person who has a little determination when needed and a lot of patience, it’s possible to be on a path to success reasonably quickly without too much difficulty.

Most everyone knows Clickbank is truly one of the giants in the digital market place today, certainly it’s a well known fact amongst affiliate marketers. That of course does have both advantages and disadvantages that come with it.

At first, Clickbank can easily become quite overwhelming for a newbie just starting out with only a little experience. Clickbank (CB) literally sells tens of thousands of products every single day online.  Some of them are good products, some not so good (putting it politely). The majority are digital information based products, near instantly delivered across the Internet.

So how do we learn how to find  top clickbank products to promote without spending ages in the process? We will get to that shortly, so read on.

You’ll soon see the majority of the Clickbank digital products available are e-Books or reports of some kind. It is common to find many clickbank affiliates have big smiles on their faces as a result from some rather generous perks they working with such a large company. For example they have access to over 10,000 products not to mention they can sometimes receive commissions as high as 75%. Would that make you smile?

The basic idea of making money with clickbank sounds very exciting at first. However there are many unforeseen obstacles within clickbank that you do have to be aware of, but unfortunately they are what newbies will often miss. One of them is that a fairly sizeable percentage of the products CB offers aren’t of good quality. This means that learning how to find top clickbank products to promote and make money from can be a huge skill in itself. Quite a lot of importance has to be placed on this step otherwise you’ll just waste a huge amount of time and never make any money at all.

Remember these steps to help you find top clickbank products to promote and save you time

It can sometimes be quite a difficult exercise finding clickbank top products, but it’s not because of the obvious reason that there are just too many of them at your fingertips. Here are a couple of things that can help with that process.

Learning how to find top clickbank products to promote by searching efficiently and finding ones that are of good quality is the key to greatly increasing  your earning ability. You can do that by following a few important factors you really need to give adequate consideration. They are as follows.

Try to remember a very important characteristic of quality CB products is that they should have a good conversion rate. This means that it should be quite easy for you to promote and make some money with that particular CB product as others have been successfully doing so already.

Where possible try to go for products that have a good gravity score. What is gravity? In CB, Gravity is like an internal measurement of how popular a product is. It can also help us to gauge how much demand there will be for it. A CB product with a good gravity score lets you know money should be able to be made by promoting it.

Also, you need to check out the product’s commission percentage. You want to make sure that you go for products with 50% or more. You definitely will be wanting to make sure you can get paid for all of the time and effort you have to put in having to promote the products. Definitely don’t forget this one. Remember,the real reason people join clickbank in the first place is to make money!

Often overlooked,  but such an important point to consider is the refund rate. Refunds can quickly eat up your commissions. It’s imperative that you choose top clickbank products to promote that have a very low refund rate. Preferably, even none.

Have a look at the developers webpage. Checkout what kind of work they have done in their promotion. Does it look like they have spent some time and effort (and perhaps money) in producing a quality product, or does it look like something that has been hastily thrown together. If you have doubts about it, move on. Trust your gut feeling as you try and put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer. If they are looking at the same  thing, how will they feel? Are they likely to hand over their hard earned cash?

This video will show you around inside the marketplace and is an efficient way to quickly learn what to look for and where things are.



Summing up

You should be well on the way to earning some great income within a short while, if you can stick to these important points.

Overall, making money promoting quality CB products isn’t a particularly hard thing in itself. The part that causes many people the most trouble is finding  suitable, quality top selling clickbank products in the first place. Many buyers these days are quickly becoming more savvy, more discerning. There is a lot of choice out there for them. If a product in some small way just doesn’t look or feel perfect, the buyers will avoid it like the plague.

It took me a little while to find a few top clickbank products to promote that were of good quaility, such as Auto Affiliate Program and Affiloblueprint. I was patient and determined and stuck fast to the ideas mentioned earlier and it paid off. They are good examples of quality products that can be of great use to people and really help them. Once you have found some quality products such as those, it certainly gets easier as the money starts to come in  🙂

Most of the people who don’t make any real money with CB can be attributed to them not mastering how to do this important part of the process correctly. Remember that spending some time learning to find something of quality, with those criteria mentioned earlier,  is most of the battle and it will pay off big time later. Be prepared to spend time here. As much as you need to, to make sure you can do it correctly.

How to find top clickbank products to promote
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How to find top clickbank products to promote
Learning how to find top clickbank products to promote can be a great way to make some extra money online.