Make money online through Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

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Make money online through Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

make money online from web hosting affiliate commissions

Here is another great way to give your online income a boost. If you are involved in affiliate programs or internet marketing, chances are you may already have hosting because you have your own websites or blogs, or perhaps are planning to do so soon. If you dont, why not? There are so many opportunities for earning online through having your own sites. But that’s a whole other discussion and for now I want to focus on the affiliate programs with your web hosting.

If one of your goals for being online is to earn an income, one of the best methods of going about this is to consider signing up for one or two well established affiliate programs with a high profile. Experienced affiliates are some of the web’s highest earners and with enough training, support and willingness and determination on your part, becoming involved as an affiliate in a well established, trustworthy program such as with these web hosting companies may just be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Usually most everything will be set up and in place for you, its normally very quick and easy to get started and you just have to focus on promotion with your affiliate link, adcopy and advertising materials that are provided.

What are web hosting affiliate programs?

These are programs that sell various kinds of web hosting services through their existing members, called affiliates. The market for website hosting is one of the fastest growing industries today, thanks to a robust Web economy and the continuous appearance of numerous websites, both corporate and personal. Basically the current demand for web hosting is huge and is ever increasing as more and more people scramble to get online and get ‘their message’ out there, so to speak. This is a huge growth market and one that certainly isn’t going away anytime soon.

How does a web hosting affiliate program work and earn income for me?

They pretty much work in a similar manner to any average affiliate program. The big difference is that the products they are promoting are web hosting plans instead of software products you install on your computer or services you use in the cloud.

You as an affiliate, will be promoting to get referrals to sign up. Your promotions could include emails you send out, banners you display on your own or others sites or signup links or buttons on your blog or website. When someone signs up to a hosting plan through any of these ways, you earn an affiliate commission.

One of the recommended ways for a web hosting affiliate increase their chances of sales would be to create a standalone site or blog that promotes web hosting and attract traffic to that site. Just as you see on this site, there can be articles and information that will attract organic traffic through the search engines and that traffic can be potential new referrals. This is what I would also recommend, however posting banner ads and text links on other websites can bring results over time. This is essentailly a free way of going about things but not truly 100% as you are trading in your time this way. But if you have time and not a whole lot of money, tis could be an attractive option to get started.

Who is able to benefit from web hosting affiliate programs?

From the customer’s side, virtually anyone who has a need for a website or blog will (or soon will ) know of the costs associated in this. Belonging to the companies affiliate program for many people is a great way to offset the costs of setting up their online real estate and even making a profit.

Practically any level of affiliate can find the web hosting programs attractive and suitable for them. Beginner and experienced affiliates, internet marketers, webmasters, web consultants and bloggers will all find this kind of opportunity very promising.

What kind of commissions can I expect from web hosting affiliate programs?

Commission rates from Web hosting affiliate programs can vary a little. Generally though, they offer some of the more wallet-friendly commissions in the industry.  Normally the will range from about $50 to $100+ for each successfully signed referral you send them. That’s considerably larger than other affiliate program commissions you could get through selling more traditional products. That is why these are becoming even more popular to focus on promoting.

Just bear in mind though that this is a very competitive segment of the industry, as is anything that pays good dollars. So once you sign up, you will need to have a good strategy to follow. If your idea of earning from these programs is posting an affiliate link on your website and others every now and again, dont be too surprised if you don’t earn much. If you have a strong game plan, however, like building up your own blog and increasing traffic, over time a web hosting affiliate program can reward you very well.

Some of the best web hosting affiliate programs to earn online income from


As a WebHostingHub affiliate, you will earn $50 per referral. The program is free to join and the signup process only takes minutes to complete. There is no cap on the amount of commissions you can receive each month with payments sent out to you via PayPal, Check, or Direct Deposit.

While promoting the program, you get all the statistics you need using a detailed backend system with stats appearing in real-time. You have a wide range of banners and promotional materials to use.



Shared Hosting with Namecheap. Free .Website domain & WhoisGuard

Namecheap Affiliates receive the following commission rates for each item of the first order made by a new customer.

Domains 20%
Hosting Packages 35%
SSL Certificates 35%
Private Email 20%
WhoisGuard 20%
PremiumDNS 20%


You can sign up through the banner above. You should note, you can choose to purchase a hosting package and additional products with Namecheap, but you do not have to, to become an affiliate.

To just join the affiliate program, click the banner and on that page go to the bottom right hand corner and click on ‘Affiliates’

Another thing to note, is that now a number of web hosts dont manage their own affiliate programs ‘in house’. As you can see in the picture below you have to choose one of the platforms listed and they handle this side of the business on behalf of the hosting company. It isn’t a big deal to register with them, it only takes a few minutes to go through the registration process. You may have to wait a little while for them to send you through confirmation details that you have been approved and are ready to begin promoting and earning commissions.

namecheap affiliate program


Check back in on this post occasionally as it will be updated with more choices.


Experienced affiliates are some of the Web’s highest earners and with some training, support and willingness on your part, becoming involved in a web hosting affiliate program may just be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Web hosting affiliate programs offer some of the best commissions around and usually require just a little of your time to sign up and then getset up. In my opinion, you should definitely be giving them some serious consideration as a valid way of earning online income passively.