The Red Tea Detox From Liz Swann Miller – Review

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Red tea detox drink that melts belly fat

For many people, if they heard that there was a drink that melts belly fat and it could help you stop those wicked hunger cravings at the same time, they’d probably be curious to learn more, right?

I had never heard about this secret African fat burning tea recipe before that can supposedly help you melt away one pound of fat per day.

My curiosity was piqued from both my personal need to lose a little extra weight and also to see if this was a worthy product to review and promote as an affiliate to earn commissions from. Read on to see more.

Product: The Red Tea Detox
Creator: Liz Swann Miller
Regular Price: $37  (Checkout the current discounted price of $20 off)
Has a 60 Day money back guarantee.
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The Red Tea Detox Plan overview: What is it all about?

It is claimed by the author that by following this diet plan including the special red tea drink that melts belly fat, you stand to be able lose some weight relatively quickly. It is possible to see overall health improvements and an increase in basic energy levels. It’s based around a challenging detox diet designed to get results. If you are serious that you want the results promised, it is still going to require some discipline on your part.

You will quickly come to understand that the Red Tea Detox is not just about the tea though. You will find out about the five core ingredients that make up the red tea that helps fat loss and the reasons why they are so important.

Additionally, you will get a 14-day meal plan to help you maximize your detox results and lose more weight. A key focus of this plan is that it’s not about how much you eat, it’s more about what you eat. You aren’t going to be stuck counting calories or points or anything like that. You will instead be learning which foods are good in aiding your weight loss and maintenance, and which are not and are best to avoid.

Also included is an exercise plan that can further increase your results. The author says that exercising less, not more, can really help you lose weight if you are doing the right kind of exercise. To help reinforce the ideas of this plan, you also get a motivational booklet. It is designed to help you dispel common myths about will power that may be the very thing holding you back from acheiving your desired weight.

fat burning tea

Keep in mind this isn’t promoted just as a magic drink to reduce belly fat, although there is a lot of mounting evidence and testimonials from various people who are having positive results from using it. Some of them may be thinking it is pretty ‘magic’. But it is being presented with a number of useful tools (information) that all work together. If you follow this in a disciplined and focussed fashion, it should let you see positive results for yourself. You can think of this as a dieters tea for weight loss

Who is the creator of the Red Tea Detox Plan?

Liz Swann Miller creator of Red Tea DetoxLiz Swann Miller has been working as a Naturopath for the past decade. Her specialty is nutrition and weight loss and in particular, healing through nutrition. She has degrees in Psychology and Naturopathy. She is a noted author on the subjects of nutrition and weight loss, having published several popular selling books and courses previously. You can see some of those books and more about her here.

Her own personal struggles of being overweight throughout her childhood and teenage years lead her into becoming qualified in these fields and finally into becoming an author. Her stated goal is to educate as many people as possible about incorporating the healing powers of food into their daily routines and making positive changes happen.


So how does the plan work?

The center of the plan is based around drinking this special blend of red tea combined with a few other things to be able to lose fat fast. The special benefit of this dieters tea for losing weight is in its ability to remove toxins from the body and in boosting the metabolism. These toxins and metabolism are two of the primary things that can interfere with weight loss. The precise combination of ingredients found in the tea, combined with the detox plan are what make this fat loss plan possible.

The red tea contains 5 key herbal ingredients which give it its abilities.

There is aspalathin, which is known for reducing stress hormones that can cause hunger pangs and the fat storage process. It also protects the liver, reduces cholesterol, regulates blood sugar levels, and improves mood.
It has an ingredient that helps reduce inflammation, decreases calorie intake, and increases your feeling of being full.
There is an ingredient that specifically increases blood flow and in turn helps boost your metabolism.
An ingredient for improving digestion and promote urine flow without causing dehydration in the process.
Last, an ingredient to effectively metabolize carbohydrates, stimulate the metabolism, prevent the fat storage process, and help to lower insulin resistance.


best drink to lose belly fat


In regard to the nutrition side of things, instead of eating very little, you will learn how to eat foods that your body will ‘burn up quickly’ and at the same time help to boost your metabolism. You will come to understand how your stress levels affect your ability to lose fat and how you can reduce your stress. Also you will see how you are going to detoxify your body. The author states repeatedly the importance of why you want to detoxify your body. If you aren’t doing this, you could be doing damage to your body as you are trying to lose weight.

Toxins seemingly can be found everywhere such as in our food sources, are in abundance in our environment, and are even being produced daily by our own bodies as we go about our business. A buildup of toxins can cause hormone imbalances that can make weight loss difficult and cause more serious health issues too.

Something that is fairly obvious about this plan and that I like a lot is that the author does show the importance of education. She presents a good rounded perspective in attacking weight loss by learning what food to eat or avoid, and drinks for that matter. She also advises you when you should eat, which can be an especially important factor. This can allow you to benefit from the extra burn from intermittent fasting for example. Learning how to avoid stress and external toxins is also very beneficial information that is a welcome inclusion.

To be honest, all of this extra information really gives you a great sense of support in acheiving your goal of weight loss whatever they may be. Just the sound of ‘drink tea – lose weight’ may not sit right in some peoples minds, no matter how special the tea may be. So the way Liz Swann Miller gives you all the important supporting information you need to educate and arm yourself in the fight against the fat is to be commended. It is a very good way of approaching things and is an area where many other similar marketed fat burning tea or drink plans have fallen short.


On the positive side:

This Red Tea Detox Plan is supposed to aid you in feeling full.
It is supposed to give your energy levels a boost
The ingredients for the red tea blend should be readily aailable at any grocery store.
It is supposed to be able to activate your body’s natural fat burning ability.
Anyone despite age or health can drink this red tea.
You learn how to eat in ways that promote maximum fat loss.
You learn which foods really are the best in promoting weight loss.
You learn how to exercise that supports this weight loss plan.
According to Elizabeth the red tea itself and the detox plan are all built around science.
You will get four additional bonuses to help educate you on how to lose fat and your ability to do it. (
Current price discount!

On the negative side:

Can be seen initially just as another dieters tea for weight loss, as there have been many out there previously.
Because this plan is about proper nutrition as well as drinking red tea you may find you have to give up foods that you really enjoy.
It can take some time to adjust your mindset to change and favor the red tea and nutritious foods over what you have been accustomed to with your old diet.
You have to make the tea yourself and some will find enough reason ‘to be too busy to do it’ with their busy schedules.

Where Can You Buy This Fat Burning Tea?

The author does sell other informational products on Amazon, but this isn’t one of them. As of this review, you can buy the entire program instantly through the Red Tea Detox website (click here to visit official website with coupon).

You will get access to all the information plus the bonuses after you purchase.


Four great bonuses are included with this weight loss plan:

You get 100 Great-Tasting Smoothie Recipes:
These recipes are for drinks to make you lose belly fat and remove toxins from your body, reduce your stress levels and can help to enhance your mood which is very important during any kind of diet. This looks a lot like one of the books she still sells for around $10 on Amazon at the moment.

Hypnosis MP3 for weight loss mindset:
Foods that are high in sugar or fat are detrimental for our weight loss goals but are sometimes hard to avoid or go without. This MP3 is geared towards helping you train your mindset in a positive way to encourage eating more healthily and avoid what you know is bad for you.

The Ultimate Superfood Guide For Super Health:
Here you will learn about foods that can give a boost to the immune system, improve your mood and temperament even when your energy levels are reduced, help prevent the onset of disease, and much more. Learn about the healing powers of food and incorporating them into your daily routine

Five Detox Methods Of Famous Celebrities:
Curious to know how stars like Beyonce detox, get great results and look so energetic? Wonder no more as this bonus spills the goods on those secrets.

Note: This link will provide you access to the entire system for $20 off.

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Can I make money online from the Red Tea Detox affiliate program?

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There is a large range of professionally made promotional materials available for you to use as an affilate. You can use anything they have on the site and you do not have to ask for permission. You are also allowed to use the term “red tea detox” in any domain and ad campaign to assist in your promotions which is a big help.

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As a user of the products, this would be a great way to recoup your costs and make a little money on the side too!


Final thoughts

This weight loss plan comes with a full 60 day money-back guarantee , if for any reason you are not satifised in seeing results with it.

Liz Swann Miller says it has worked for her, her husband and for many of her clients. You can see through the many onsite testomonials and also indirectly through other blogs and comments that people have made, that there are many satisfied customers out there. Of course you will always get some who haven’t had such a positive experience, but there is a reason this has been one of the consistent top 10 best selling clickbank products every week over the last year or so right?

She also states that everything she’s exposing in her weight loss plan is backed up by science. All five of the core ingredients in the fat burning red tea are supposed to work together to detox the body and clean fat away quickly. Plus you are learn expert tips on how to eat and exercise in a way that complements fat loss and will help you to maintain weight loss longterm.

All of what you have here in the main weight loss program and bonuses should give you a big advantage when it comes to shaping up and being able to maintain it. You can also rest assured that if it doesn’t work for you, you can take advantage of the 60-day money-back guarantee. You have a lot to gain on the education side and health benefits and not much to lose except for some excess pounds.

In light of all this program has to offer, health wise and financially, my review of this is a positive one and I can recommend trying the products and plan as well as becoming an affiliate to offset your costs. Thumbs up!


Checkout the current discounted price of $20 off


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