Why Should You Choose Affiliate Marketing for making money online?

Over the last ten to fifteen years in particular, there has been a huge change in the mindset of many people who are wanting to increase their income, whether from need or desire. Before that, the only options available were really to get out there and find a new job or start up your own brick and mortar business. Nowadays the internet has changed all of that and it has opened up a whole new world of opportunities.


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For many, they have have come to realise that with the Internet it can be possible to supplement their regular income or even completely replace it altogether from the comfort of their home.

For those of us who are willing to put in a little effort to find and try something new, there are so many new and exciting opportunities on the Internet just waiting to be discovered.

The accessibility and growth of the internet today has opened up hundreds of opportunities for us. High up on that list, there is no doubt that affiliate marketing is proving to be one of the most popular avenues that people are choosing to learn more about and to make money online from.

There are a number of basic reasons for why this is the case. For a start, often there is very little outlay to get started. Usually, there is not a need for great technical knowledge and also it’s just not that complicated to get up and running. Seemingly, its the perfect business for those that don’t have a lot of background or experience in any field.

Another great thing about it is there are many products you can promote that have reoccurring commissions, so if you sell one of these, you have a customer paying you every month! Now that is a great marketing strategy to follow.


I follow this strategy in particular with my list of top Clickbank products to promote having mostly products with reocurring commissions. Reoccurring commissions allow you to boost your affiliate marketing income very quickly!

Commision rates vary a lot depending on who you are affiliated with and what products you are selling. Sometimes though, they can be as high as 75% with some clickbank products for example – whats not to like about that!


So What is Affiliate Marketing exactly?

To put it simply, affiliate marketing is where you (the affiliate marketer) promote a merchant or vendors products or services to the public (affiliate products). You setup links to the vendors products that have your affiliate ID in them. When someone clicks your link, they are directed to the merchant’s website to complete the transaction, and when they have completed that, you get a commission on that sale.

There are many advantages in working this way such as no managing of products or stock, no having to deal with customers or invoices and no other responsibility apart from directing the prospective customers (traffic) in the right direction. Definitely no boss telling you what to do 🙂

How Do You Get Started?

If you decide that this is something you might enjoy and want to pursue, the good news is that it’s fairly easy to get started. There are several affiliate programs that you can choose to sign up with, for example Clickbank or JVZoo. My experience is from a few years of learning how to make money with Clickbank (CB) primarily, so bear in mind what I’m passing on to you is from that perspective.

Just briefly, what I am passing on in this article is presented in an overview style. This assumes you know your way around on the net and have at least a little experience online. If you feel you are in need of more in depth, very specific training on all aspects of affiliate marketing, then AffiloBlueprint Affiliate Marketing Training is what I recommend for you.

It will show you everything you need to know in a step by step way. It shows you how to constantly keep moving forward and all of the things you need to avoid, as well as a wealth of invalueable tips.  You can find out more here in a review of it.affilorama3


So, to continue, those two companies manage many merchants who are always on the look out for affiliates to promote their products. You could even find a private program and work with a merchant directly, one on one if you choose to although for now I’d say leave that for a little later.

Its probably a good idea for you to do a search for affiliate programs and have a good look through the results to further your understanding.makemoneyclickbank

Many of the companies pay on a monthly basis using PayPal or direct deposit. Sometimes they may choose to use checks but mostly it seems those two are the preferred methods. It can depend on the size of the company and its location though.

After registering as an affiliate, it’s then time to consider what you will want to promote. Ideally you should chose products you find interesting or know something about. This is because you may need to spend some time promoting them through different means, and if they arent interesting to you, this could show through in what you present to someone else. Besides, you really should enjoy doing this as much as possible, especially if you plan to make this a longterm thing, don’t you think?

You can learn more about how to find the best clickbank products to promote in the marketplace. CB has a useful video to help you find your way around their site (using / searching the marketplace ). You will also find lots of valuable information which you should take a little time to browse through here.


Once you know what products you want to promote, you should decide which way you want to promote it. Basically you can choose to promote the links directly or advertise the product on your own website.

Promoting the links directly is where you would for example place the product links with your ID in them on Safelist or Mailer Programs (with your email body suggestively enticing them to check out your offer), or Traffic Exchanges or the like.

infographicclickbankaffiliatemarketingoptionsThis way of promoting the links is quicker but may not have as higher success rate as the next. Results can be a little fickle and tend to be swayed by many factors.

The other way, to advertise on your own website, is a bit more involved and will take more time to setup and of course initially to learn about how to do it correctly.

You will have to do some research to find relevant keywords for your chosen products. You can use the free Google keywords tool to do this. This should give you a good idea as to how many times your keyword is searched for and how competitive the niche is. You need to know this so as to determine whether or not it will be worthwhile or too hard to pursue that particular niche. You don’t want to spend a huge amount of time setting everything up just to find that the product and keywords are just too competitive and you can’t make sales.

When you have sorted out your product names and the relevant keywords, you can go on to the next step. You will need to register a domain, purchase hosting and setup your website so you can start to promote your niche.

The merchants will provide you with banners, additional images and your affiliate link to place on your site (this is the crucial part you need to be credited for any sales)

It’s very important that you write unique and original content when promoting your product. The reason for this is that Google will give a lot more credibility to valuable, relevant and original content as opposed to articles that have just been regurgitated from elsewhere.

Once you are confident you have your site setup appropriately with all that is required, it’s time to start getting some backlinks to it. You want to aim to get on the front page of Google, or at the very least into the top 10 results for the keywords you built your site around. Backlinks from other sites to your site are an indicator to Google of how popular and therefore relevant your site is in the search results. You should spend a little time reading about this if you are not familiar with it as it is a very important step for you to be able to get traffic to your site and make sales.

For now though, building backlinks is beyond the scope of this article as it can involve quite a lot. Rest assured, there’s no shortage of free tutorials and videos on the internet that can walk you through the process on how to build them. There are even many great sites such as Source Market or Fiverr where you will find many people who can build these for you quickly and affordably. Just be sure to do a little research and background check on anyone you wish to do work for you first to avoid problems.